I am glad to have your services as it helps with making real time decisions on where/how to keep fire fighters safe on the line

Range and Bearing have been a great company to work with. Doug Campbell is willing to be innovative to meet the client’s need. I used one of his products on several wildfires. The near-real-time infrared technology I used enabled my team to keep tabs on the wildfire’s location and rate of spread while firefighters, working in dense smokey conditions from the fire they were on and multiple surrounding wildfires, were able to attack our wildfire in record time because of the safety margin Doug’s company was able to provide us. Doug works exceptionally hard to ensure a quality product.

Jeanne Pincha-Tulley

Acting Chief of Staff, Fire and Aviation, US Forest Service Washington DC

Your info has turned out to be pivotal key intelligence that was greatly needed, it precipitated new actions and arrived at a crucial time when we needed sound information

Incident management team member, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Forest Protection Branch

Range and Bearing’s product is fantastic and seen as being similar to that of Aircraft 3 / Firehawk, except you fly day as well as night IR

Officer, California Incident Management Team 3

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